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Budget and Financial Strategy Committee

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Information about Budget and Financial Strategy Committee

The Budget and Financial Strategy Committee is a non-decision making committee of council which will make recommendations to Cabinet as appropriate within its terms of reference.


The Committee will:

·         Provide strategic overview of all matters that could significantly impact upon the finances of the authority

·         Oversee the implementation of the forthcoming and ongoing financial reform that will significantly affect the Council

·         Provide advice on the impact of business and housing growth in the district and estimate the financial impact of such growth

·         Be responsible for supporting the budget setting strategy and process for:

o   the general fund

o   capital programme

o   assets

o   treasury management

o   reserves

o   investments

o   recommending the Committee’s preferred option, for formal consideration by Cabinet, in light of the Council’s stated priorities.

·         Have a  planning horizon which will be medium term ( five years) including the medium term financial strategy

·         Will also focus on major projects facing the Council that will have a significant impact on the resources of the Council as well as the budget setting round for the forthcoming financial year.

·         Be responsible for considering how the council responds to: changes in the way the council is funded, value for money and other legislative initiatives and reforms.

·         Innovate and challenge the way the Council manages its budget and financial affairs.