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Planning Policy and Regeneration Strategy Committee

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Information about Planning Policy and Regeneration Strategy Committee

Terms of Reference


The Planning Policy and Regeneration Strategy Committee is a non-decision making committee of council, convened under Local Government Act 1972 (as amended). The committee will act within its terms of reference making recommendations to Cabinet and Council as appropriate.


The Committee will be comprised of 12 Councillors on a Proportional Representation basis to include the Cabinet Portfolio Holders with responsibility for Planning; Economic Development; and, Regeneration.


The Committee will:


  • Be responsible for developing Council policy with regard to spatial planning and regeneration,
  • Facilitate the effective delivery of the local plan with the aim of ensuring that places are developed for people, avoiding over development but supporting critical economic development through developing policy proposals as appropriate
  • Make recommendations on the Committee’s preferred options, for formal consideration by Cabinet or Council as appropriate, in light of the Council’s stated priorities.
  • To consider and develop documents intended to augment the planning policy basis for the consideration of planning applications including supplementary planning guidance, masterplans and development briefs.
  • Innovate and challenge the way the Council manages its planning policy, economic development and regeneration activities.


The Committee shall be administered by Democratic Services and supported primarily by the Assistant Director Planning and Economy and the Manager – Planning Policy and Growth Strategy and other officers as required depending on the subject matter under consideration.


The committee shall have regard to the work programme and recommendations from the Budget and Financial Strategy Committee in order to strengthen the links between these two groups.