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Introduce HGV traffic restriction on Springfields and Highfields in Towcester

We the undersigned petition the council to Introduce restrictions on HGV traffic through Springfields and Highfields in Towcester. This can be a ban on HGV through traffic via signage and CCTV enforcement, or also supported with a width restriction barrier.

Springfields and Highfields is used as a rat run by large construction related HGV through-traffic. This is a residential area and HGVs should only travel through if they deliver to local residents to roads off Springfields and Highfields. The pavements are narrow and there is a lot of pedestrian traffic. There is a primary school nearby with young children on the pavements too. Lorries often can’t negotiate well the sharp bend after the roundabout either, and occupy part of the opposite way lane too. The current situation is an accident waiting to happen. Large lorries are coming up and down the road frequently due to using the route as a rat run to avoid queueing on the high street (taking Burcote road then Vernon road or Marlow road, to rejoin the A5). Apart from increased air and noise pollution as well as danger to pedestrians, these roads are not built to take the weight and wear and tear of HGVs, and dangerous potholes are developing faster than the council can fix them. Banning through traffic of HGVs on Highfields and Springfields would also benefit Burcote Road and Vernon road /Marlow road, as they are also currently being used as a rat run via this route. With ever more construction expected in Towcester and no reliable ETA on the bypass being completed, it’s paramount that measures are taken to protect the residential roads from being used as rat runs.

Started by: Adrienn Richmond

This Petition runs from 21/02/2021 to 23/03/2021.

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