Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Bad Debt Write Offs01/02/2019For Determination06/2019
Referrals, if any, from the Community Funding Panel meeting on 1 April 201901/02/2019For Determination04/2019
Monthly Performance, Finance and Risk report01/02/2019For Determination06/2019
Minor Amendments to the Private Hire and Hackney Carriage Licensing Policy01/02/2019For Determination03/2019
Monthly Performance, Finance and Risk report29/11/2018For Determination04/2019
Monthly Performance, Finance and Risk Report01/11/2018For Determination03/2019
Leisure and Sport Strategy and Delivery Plan10/05/2018For Determination04/2019
Housing Strategy 2018 - 202312/12/2017For Determination04/2019
Brackley Skate Park Feasibility Study11/09/2017For Determination
Community Infrastructure Levy - Proposed CIL Spending Protocol14/02/2017For Determination
Changes to Waste and Recycling Policy10/10/2016For Determination