Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Notification of Urgent Action: Northampton Development Related Area Delegation of Allocation Functions and Award of Dry Recycling Contract12/12/2017For Determination01/2018
Appointments to Outside Bodies, Internal Working Groups and Member Champions 2018/1912/12/2017For Determination06/2018
Housing Strategy 2018 - 202312/12/2017For Determination
Homelessness Strategy12/12/2017For Determination04/2018
Quarter 4 (Year End) 2017/2018 Performance Update09/11/2017For Determination06/2018
Quarter 4 (Year End) 2017/2018 Revenue and Capital Budget Monitoring09/11/2017For Determination06/2018
Charging for Street Naming and Numbering09/11/2017For Determination01/2018
Bad Debt Write Offs for Non Domestic Rates09/11/2017For Determination01/2018
Establishment of Central Area Growth Board09/11/2017For Determination03/2018
Brackley Skate Park Feasibility Study11/09/2017For Determination02/2018
Food and Health and Safety Enforcement Policies11/09/2017For Determination
Housing Stock Modelling Outcomes11/09/2017For Determination
Quarter 3 2017-2018 Revenue and Capital Budget Monitoring11/09/2017For Determination03/2018
Quarter 3 2017-2018 Performance Monitoring11/09/2017For Determination03/2018
Draft Budget and Corporate Business Plan 2018-201811/09/2017For Determination02/2018
Council Tax Base 2018-201911/09/2017For Determination01/2018
Charitable Collections Policy11/09/2017For Determination03/2018
Quarter 2 2017/18 Revenue and Capital Budget Monitoring12/04/2017For Determination01/2018
Quarter 2 2017/18 Performance Monitoring12/04/2017For Determination01/2018
Referrals, if any, from the Community Funding Panel Meeting of 8 January 201812/04/2017For Determination01/2018
Community Infrastructure Levy - Proposed CIL Spending Protocol14/02/2017For Determination
Kings Sutton Wales Street Flood Alleviation Scheme14/11/2016For Determination01/2018
Changes to Waste and Recycling Policy10/10/2016For Determination
Community Lottery10/10/2016For Determination
District Sports Studies and Masterplanning03/08/2016For Determination02/2018