Committee details

West Northamptonshire Joint Planning and Infrastructure Board

Purpose of committee

Strategic Planning and Infrastructure issues covering more than one of the following local planning authority areas:

Daventry District Council

Northampton Borough Council

South Northamptonshire Council


Scope of the Board

·         Identify and manage spatial planning issues that affect more than one local planning authority area

·         Support better co-ordination of development and investment strategies across the area, including the delivery of strategic infrastructure

·         Ensure that the Duty to Co-operate is actively addressed

·         Development of a shared strategic evidence base, such as Housing and Economic Development Needs Assessment, to inform future Local Plans

·         A joint information and monitoring function, including the production of a joint Authorities Monitoring Report

·         To support the local planning authorities in co-ordinating and recording all relevant activity relating to the Duty to Co-operate; and

·         On-going monitoring, review and updating of Infrastructure Delivery Plans


Contact information

Support officer: Emma Faulkner, Democratic and Elections.

Phone: 01327 322043